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Pictures from Shuttleworth Week-End,  National Drive it Day & Coventry MotoFest are now in the Gallery !!

Next Meeting, Shuttleworth Week-End & Mick's Brooklands Report


The next TR Group meeting is on Thursday 27th August 2015 at the Old Mill, Baginton

Shuttleworth Collection week-end away

A good group of TR’s and an MG met at the Old Mill to leave for the Week-End away trip organised by Will and Val.

Weather was reasonable, so off we set heading for our first stop, a biker’s café just past Towcester on the A5. This was a very busy place, lots of bikes, and a nice cup of tea and breakfast for those still hungry. Nice people there, including the “Curvy Riders” a women’s motorcycle group…. although I’m not too sure if any of our male Coventry TR Group members noticed them..…  ;-)

Continued the drive through some lovely countryside before reaching Shuttleworth Air Museum. They had set aside an area for our TR’s to be parked up, so that was nice.

Impressive museum, with a nice café too. They had a Blériot XI, dating from 1909, the world’s oldest airworthy aircraft. The racing aircraft DH88 Comet, which won the MacRobertson air race from England to Australia in 1934, and a Supermarine Spitfire being restored in the Engineering Workshop. They also had a lovely Swiss garden to go round.

Headed off after this to the Premier Inn at Priory Country Park in Bedford. Nice place this, and weather had got warmer too, so nice sitting outside enjoying the sun, the company and the drinks…

Had a meal in the pub next door later, also nice, and then outside again for the paper aeroplane competition organised by Derek. It was fun to see how excited Phil was by the distance his plane flew, and how he got even more excited with each subsequent failure by the rest of us. Surely his plane was going to be unbeatable? Well, Ken was up last, and his plane sailed past Phil’s, and on and on and on…. Poor Phil was inconsolable…  J

Ken won a bottle of whiskey, and as is his nature, he didn’t rub his victory in…much… well, maybe a little  ;-)

Up bright and breezy for breakfast, and then set off in lovely weather through Bedford to our next port of call. The plan was a nice quick and steady drive through town before hitting the open road, and might have worked if there hadn’t been a ladies marathon going on, with a lot of the city centre closed off, and police directing traffic very slowly through. I think it took about an hour to get through. Not great sitting in heavy traffic, sun shining, and watching the temperature gauges like hawks…

Finally reached the Canal Museum at Stoke Bruerne, where Mick and Barry joined up with us. Nice place this. Interesting tour of the museum, and a rest at the Navigation pub.

After this, a few cars decided to take the long route to our next destination, a pub lunch in Fenny Compton. Having left first, they arrived last…  Not saying who was at fault, but they couldn’t blame Norman (this time)

Nice lunch and then all headed home. A lovely week-end in the TR’s.

Mick Papworth's visit to Brooklands Report (Some Pictures in the Gallery) Sorry it's late

Set off at 7.45 to Warwick services to meet up with Cotswold Vale group members, Tim, Ian and Andy. Left at 8.35am and we travelled in convoy, M40 & M25. Off at J11 to Brookland Gates. Good trouble free run arriving at 9.55am !.
Queueing to get in, and even then, there seemed too many cars to try and park,
Got parked up and just took a mo to take in all the Triumphs that made the pilgrimage to the mecca of motor racing, and all things on wheels (and wings) I had a good look around seeing lot of interesting cars bikes planes bus's and the general feel of the place was great,
A few motor bikes were dotted about, giving an insight to older classic bikes, The TR6RC and 70s 450 Honda caught my eye as a couple arrived on them. His and hers!! both in great restored condition,
treated my self to a climb up the concrete banking you have to be there to realise how steep and high up that is. A couple of photo's in the gallery to try and show this,
The day was split into sections with Cov group picnic and trip on Concord experience, and brief rests just taking in all to see,
The Hill climb runs were quite interesting and when modern Monster motor bike went up the crowds were visually moving back from the guard rails awesome sound and I'm sure he took off at the top of hill,
Great spectacle, a few other bikes tried to do same but to no avail,
Did meet up with one old Coventry member Ian Mellings and son James in Ian's TR3A hope to see them at local meet at the Old Mill,
All the major clubs had stalls there and saw Chris Cunnington of TR register. wished him well for all his hard work done over many years as he is standing down now: well done Chris, although he assures me he will be attending Harrogate National this year and I offered to buy him a beer or tonic
coming to the end of the day most cars had gone so just a last shot of the group before setting off with Ian's DHC TR7

4.30pm onto a busy slow moving M25 but once onto M40 all moved quite well getting home for 6pm,
Nose sunburned !! 
Great day

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